Dance tracks with Lights and Lasers synced

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Dance tracks with Lights and Lasers synced

Postby Pauluzzz » 06 May 2019, 20:31

The following link brings you to my YouYube channel Lights&Lasers where you can find the tracks I have recorded so far. I pick the nicest dance tracks and I add lights and lasers to them.

All equipment is Chinese, 8x RGB LEDs, 4x MovingHeads RGBW, 2 RGB lasers, 8 RGB LED strips (poles on each side of the screen) that are controlled through MiLight DMX Controller. All of hem on separate DMX channels. The whole show of each track programmed with The Lightning Controller software, including the lasers.

I use two timelines for the LEDs, one for the patterns (strobing, chaser, etc.), the other for the colors. Three timelines for the MovingHeads, one for the movements (Generator), one for the pattern and the last for the color. Three as well for the lasers: figure, color and dimmer. Poles just one timeline, unfortunately, as they do not have a overall dimmer. Scenes therefore have been build seperating patterns (Dimmer, Strobe channels) from colors, so that I can reuse them easily somewhere else with other characteristics.

I continue to create more shows and I'm sure to record them once I have a weekend free.
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Re: Dance tracks with Lights and Lasers synced

Postby support » 07 May 2019, 09:41

Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Dance tracks with Lights and Lasers synced

Postby thorehl » 11 May 2019, 22:51

Nice shows Pauluzzz

One thing though, the use of lasers and scanning into the room.
It must be mentioned that English Health and Safety regulations regard audience scanning as unsafe at any level above 5 milliwatt. Other countries outside EU have different regulations regarding audience scanning but make it a rule for yourself not to scan the audience.

Just my 2 cents.
Keep up the good work
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