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Latest showfile runthrough

Postby samwise309 » 28 March 2019, 01:53

Hey all, figured I would give a runthrough of my last showfile from SX. This is a punt style show- I improvise with a lot of jam bands and its FUN. I deleted a bunch of pages/jumble scenes to make the video quicker and cleaner. I've moved on to a more tour friendly software but I still find myself missing some features that were in SX, for what its worth ;)

Here are the two parts, I was using a free screen capture and was limited in capture time.

Part 1-
Part 2-

Some notes:
Color speed fader controls ALL things related to color and gobo timing.
Position speed affects only positions and movements; There's a chase rate and a dimmer rate also. You'll see examples.
Some buttons don't translate in 3D view so sometimes nothing happens.
I use palettes for as much as possible, therefor some position looks don't appear very clean because it was based on the last live use.
The reset buttons does just that- also known fondly as the "Oh sh*t" button.

Any other questions, ask away! Thanks for looking.

Fixtures used: Chauvet R1 Wash, Slimpar56, Intimidator 350, 140SR Hybrids
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Re: Latest showfile runthrough

Postby support » 28 March 2019, 08:06

Thank you for sharing.
Well programmed lightshow.
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Re: Latest showfile runthrough

Postby sgriffin1 » 29 March 2019, 18:13

Awesome work, than you for sharing
Can't wait to try new ideas!
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Re: Latest showfile runthrough

Postby LightningFM » 30 March 2019, 10:50

Really cool show, I like that wipe effect!
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Re: Latest showfile runthrough

Postby MHamiltonVisuals » 01 April 2019, 22:24

Some great stuff here. Thanks for sharing. Cool effects.
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Re: Latest showfile runthrough

Postby thorehl » 28 April 2019, 11:48

Thank you for sharing. Enjoyed watching it all
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