Sweet 16 Video [VinnyBlanc]

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Sweet 16 Video [VinnyBlanc]

Postby vinnyblanc » 01 November 2017, 15:33


Recent Sweet 16 I did the lighting for...

Lighting: http://www.vinnyblanc.com
DJ: http://www.ambientDJ.com

Lighting Rig (all done in ShowXpress):
(18x) RGBAWUV Uplights
(2x) Chauvet Intimidator 255s
(2x) Chauvet FxPar9s
(2x) Trusst Glo Totems
(1x) ADJ Facade
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Re: Sweet 16 Video [VinnyBlanc]

Postby support » 01 November 2017, 22:14

Thank you for this post !
The Lighting Controller
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Re: Sweet 16 Video [VinnyBlanc]

Postby thehouseofjojo » 17 December 2017, 21:14


Question for you, did you DMX your FXPar9's? The patch from Chauvet channels are off from the light fixture itself. For instance, if I want to run i on 23 channel mode from ShowXpress ... i would load fixture into software but when I address the light itself, there's no option for 23 channel mode, it shows 22. Just wondering if you had the same problems. Thanks in advance.
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