The fastest way to fix a software problem

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The fastest way to fix a software problem

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When we are able to reproduce the problem, it generally takes less than one day to fix it.
When we are not able to reproduce it, it might take a very long time to fix it.
Please keep in mind that we do not have your lighting equipment and we are not the designer of your lightshow, so it is much more difficult for us to understand what is happening. So please:

1. explain how to reproduce the problem with the lowest quantity of words. Usually, the shortest is the explanation, the more clear it is. The more accurate is your explanation, the fastest we will fix the problem

2. and post a zip of your lightshow, via a cloud based file transfer service*

3. if possible post a link to a video (easy via Youtube) illustrating the problem

With the lightshow, we have a small chance to fix the problem
With the lightshow + a video showing the problem, we have the best chances to fix the problem
With nothing, we may never find the problem

Remark: we will check your problem only with the latest available software version.

*Some free cloud based file transfer services:
The Lighting Controller

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