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Computer requirement

PostPosted: 18 September 2012, 10:22
by support
Operating System - Windows 10 and more
Processor - x86 and x64
Regarding the age of the PC, our software requires much less processor time than Windows 10 does. So if Windows10 runs smoothly, then no problem with our software.

Operating system - 10.12 (Sierra) and more
Processor - x64 and M1/M2 (via "Rosetta")

For our 3D rendering with 20 fps refresh
integrated video chip on motherboard - max 8 moving gobos beams
$100 graphics card - max 20 moving gobos beams
$200 graphics card - max 40 moving gobos beams

In case of you have Windows XP / Seven or MacOS 32bits, you can use the version 8 of our software.

FYI, our demo computer is a Macbook 13" (the white color plastic model) from year 2009 with a processor Core 2 Duo.