Miltec - MTC-PAR144Q

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Miltec - MTC-PAR144Q

Postby Stuartuk » 31 August 2020, 16:39

Hi everyone,

We have some Miltec Quad LED PARs which I have tried to create a fixture profile for, but they refuse to let me use the RGB/CMY pallet. Is this because they're quad fixtures? I intend to use the 7 channel mode for these fixtures. Would you be able to prepare a personality file for these please?

This is a link to the manual:!Ak-F-OwnmQj-gZMwY6K ... g?e=GpV4zd

And this is a link to the personality file I have already created but won't let me use the RGB/CMY colour pallette:!Ak-F-OwnmQj-hpMYe5s ... Q?e=8fDt0I

Your help and advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.
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Re: Miltec MTC-PAR144Q

Postby support » 01 September 2020, 07:40

Please replace:
Channel = Dimmer
Channel = Red
Channel = Green
Channel = Blue
Channel = White
Channel = dimmer
Channel = red
Channel = green
Channel = blue
Channel = white
and try again.
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Re: Miltec - MTC-PAR144Q

Postby Stuartuk » 01 September 2020, 08:21

Merci beaucoup. That now works.

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