non SweetLight controllers?

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non SweetLight controllers?

Postby rami840 » 11 November 2018, 21:47

I have RGB ribbon that is DMX controllable. Those came with its own controller but the controller outputs through an XLR cable. I have an XLR to DMX (3 pin) converter which then goes to a DMX to USB ENTTEC that connects to my computer. I am using SweetLight and I can't seem to figure out how to set up that DMX universe. Whenever I go to the "Fixtures DMX Inputs" window it doesn't pick up the controller or the ENTTEC. Everything is blank. Does the SweetLight software pick up DMX signals from non SweetLight controllers? Maybe I'm just missing a step. Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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Re: DMX Not Recognized

Postby support » 11 November 2018, 22:12

Sorry but our software works exclusively with these interfaces:
The Lighting Controller
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