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Private Facebook group

PostPosted: 03 October 2018, 06:59
by newlighton
I filled a request to enter in the Facebook group "Chauvet Showxpress and Lighting", and my request is still in "pending mode" for a couple of weeks.
And i see that the number of members does not change.

If somebody who reads this post belongs to this group, could you please tell me:
Is this group still active ?
If yes, could you please tell me how to enter in this group ?

Re: Private Facebook group

PostPosted: 04 October 2018, 00:55
by TimH
Hey man,

Yeah the group is active, and I'm an active member. I have no idea how the member request process works though, so afraid I can't help there.

Just an FYI that group is not affiliated with the creators of this forum in any way, it's purely a users group

Re: Private Facebook group

PostPosted: 14 October 2018, 09:24
by newlighton
Thank you for your answer.
The status for my request to enter in this group is stil "pending".
And i see the number of members is decreasing (minus 10 members in 1 month).
So it looks this group is definitely closed for all new members.
No luck for new ShowXpress users like me.

Re: Private Facebook group

PostPosted: 14 November 2018, 14:56
by newlighton
Just to let you know that i am now able to access to the Facebook Group.
It tooks time but it's ok now.