Fixture with 38 channels on low-end DMX controller?

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Fixture with 38 channels on low-end DMX controller?

Postby TiWi » 22 April 2021, 18:38

Hi all,

I am a new in the world of light and try to educate myself with DMX and some fixtures I bought recently. I found this forum by Google and tried to find the answer on my basic question. Likely the answer on my question is peanuts for you all, but maybe because it’s that simple, I can’t find it...

I bought a LED moving head with 8 RGBW spots in it. This moving head can operate in a 9 channel modus and a 38 channel modus. Nobrainer that the 38 channel modus gives more extensive configuration options...

I use a low-end DMX controller with 192 DMX channels, standard 16 channels per fixture (say: the cheapest DMX controller on earth). Is there any possibility to control all 38 channels with this DMX controller? In 9 channel mode my LED moving head operates perfect, but in 38 channel mode (with DMX starting address 1 both on the fixture as on the DMX controller) nothing seems to be working. Why is that? In my (newbee) opinion, if I set the DMX starting address both on the fixture as on the DMX controller at 1, channel 1-16 can be controlled by selecting fixture 1 on the DMX controller, channel 17–32 should be controlled by pressing ‘fixture 2’ and channels 33-38 by selecting fixture 3...

Hope someone can help my out.

Kind regards from The Netherlands,

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