Zones problem [moved]

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Zones problem [moved]

Postby John@Unique » 03 August 2011, 17:50

The ssa documentation and the website claim I can run upto 4 scenes or zones yet i can only get two to work at the same time. This is the only disapointment i have with the product and would like to know if it could be a problem with the unit. The unit was purchased new in feb or march of this year. This is the second post I have placed here sence July 26 an i have not had a response.
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Re: SSA problem

Postby support » 03 August 2011, 21:48

It is possible to select up to 4 different zones, in the "StandAlone" window.
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Re: Zones problem [moved]

Postby Auto123 » 30 November 2017, 20:05

Actually, in version 8.2.24 you cant anymore.

I have here 2 laptops, running version 6.3 and 8.2 with 1 SSA unit.
In only 6.3 i can use 4 zone's. I can click them in 8.2, but after upload the zone's dont work!
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