Old 512 Plus

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Old 512 Plus

Postby Sandoval » 12 March 2019, 22:20

I've had my 512 Plus about 10 years. Do I need to update the firmware or anything internal to bring it up to date?
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Re: Old 512 Plus

Postby support » 13 March 2019, 09:07

Nothing to do.
V9 is supposed to drive this interface.

You may however face a problem with some computers with recent motherboard usb chips.
The motherboards manufacturers claim "no problem with usb backward compatibility", but this is not 100% true. A usb compatibility problem with this interface and recent motherboards may happen.

As long as you keep the original "old" computer which was working with this interface, there should be no problem. If you change the computer by a recent one, this will be like lottery (whatever is the software versions).
And it is obviously not possible to update the usb technology of the interface (which is hardware and not firmware).
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