standalone scene must arrive by fading

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Re: standalone scene must arrive by fading

Postby chrisbobmms » 04 December 2010, 19:13

Ok, so I can program multiple "sustain" steps, am I correct in stating that the timing of the first step is completely ignored no matter what?
In the software I can have my first step be a 3 second fade to full and if I'm switching from, say, a scene that is at 50% the scene will cross fade from the 50% to the 100%. On the stand alone, that same scene will bump to 100% and stay there.
If I program an "empty" scene (all faders disabled) then I would go from 50% to 0% then fade up to 100% (aparently either from the software or the stand alone)
Is there any way to use the same scene to fade from 0% to 100% AND 50% to 100% depending on what scene it's coming from?

Am I being clear?
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Re: standalone scene must arrive by fading

Postby support » 04 December 2010, 22:31

The Ssa stand-alone concept is like this:
Fading is possible between steps within a scene, but you can not manually "stop & go" between steps.
Fading is not possible between scenes.
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