Shall we clear the stand-alone memory before re-programming

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Shall we clear the stand-alone memory before re-programming

Postby Music2Party » 25 June 2010, 06:18

I would like to say that I use the SSA 14 button model and am very happy with it and find it very well made and very easy to use thanks :D
Just a quick question that I want to make sure about before doing it. Having made a mistake with my my DMX addresses on my Spinmasters I now have them coming on and off in my Laser show? My question is how do I clear SSA to reprogram and also as I have a wedding tomorrow? Can I be reassured that if I reload
all my light shows again onto the buttons will it all work without having to set it all up and test please? :?:
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Re: SSA 14 button model

Postby support » 25 June 2010, 13:44

You do not have to clear the memory before re-programming.
Just make a new upload (press the button "upload stand-alone data").
If you want to clear the stand-alone memory, delete all scenes in the 14 lines and press the upload button.
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