SSA and Controller Help

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SSA and Controller Help

Postby Music2Party » 14 November 2011, 22:39

My question is this having used my 14 button Sweetlight SSA and programing at home with now 6.29, I now have another young guy who can DMX live with a controller which is great. What we can't seem to get to work is to be able to run the SSA and the live controller to be wired up together so he can control all of them live and then any button can be pressed and the saved lighting shows will work as required.

Is this Possible as when we connect both up at present and the controller is powered up all the lights start to do there own thing if SSA is connected as follows Main DMX 3 pin into controller dmx output and from the input on controller it is pluged into SSA output.

We have tried main dmx into SSA output and all shows work off the buttons. Then from input on SSA to output on controller but no signals from controller are received by lights so are we doing something wrong
Any help from Support or anybody else can give would most appreciated Thanks
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Re: SSA and Controller Help

Postby support » 15 November 2011, 07:43

In standalone mode, it is only possible to patch some dmx inputs to some dmx outputs. And the "patched " dmx outputs are 100% linked to the dmx inputs (no control possible from Ssa).
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