512 Digital Signature

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512 Digital Signature

Postby ABBAMANIA » 05 May 2018, 09:17


I have read a few issues on the 512 box not working because of the digital signature problem, never happened to me until yesterday.

I have went back on to a backup windows 7 laptop and it wont recognise the box.
digging deeper i see the driver isnt installed properly.
I have tried all the suggestions i can find on the forum and tried to use the CMD prompt to turn off the laptop looking for the signature but to no avail.

I have also updated the laptop windows 7 version and removed the program and drivers the reinstalled, still no joy.
The box is def working on my mac and another windows laptop but not this one.

any suggestions?

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Re: 512 Digital Signature

Postby Pink LD » 10 May 2018, 00:17

Hey buddy,

Win 7 has a very specific way to disable driver enforcement, as mempry serves. Google "Bypassing Win 7 Digital Signature Enforcement" and follow along the directions. I haven't used Win 7 in yonks, but I remember doing it that way plenty of times.
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