Multi-Universe Switching

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Multi-Universe Switching

Postby awvargo » 08 April 2018, 20:40

Our facility is using ShowXpress with 2 Xpress 512 boxes, running 2 universes. Periodically, when we power the system on, we will have to switch the DMX cables, as if the universes have changed. The "universe switch" is random, that is, we cannot find a common event or cause. Today we experienced a switch of the universe (all lights appeared to have lost DMX connection) in the middle of our production. To resolve the issue (today) we restarted the software along with switching the DMX cables. We are using Mac Sierra. We noticed today that in using the Mac provided USB ports, one port was a 2.0 and the other a 3.0. Since we know that we can simply switch the DMX cables from one 512 box to the other, we have been able to continue operating without any issues, but when we lost DMX connection during a live event today we decided it was time to investigate further.
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Re: Multi-Universe Switching

Postby support » 09 April 2018, 21:00

This may be due to a lack of power.
Please try with a powered usb hub.
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