problem: 'USB serial port' in 'Device Manager'

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problem: 'USB serial port' in 'Device Manager'

Postby support » 09 March 2015, 08:56

When Windows has a driver who could match with the new pluggeg usb hardware in its embedded bank of generic drivers, it always proposes to install it.

When you plug the interface Cable for the first time, before our software is installed (the software installation auto installs the drivers for our interfaces), Windows will propose you to install the generic "USB serial port" driver. If you click on "Yes", then the damage is done, and you will see this in the "Device Manager":

To remove this line, you have to force the OS to uninstall this driver and to forget it forever. This operation is not easy. It is however possible with the popup menu over this line.

However, if at the end, the correct driver ("interface Cable") is installed and always used (without yellow "!"), you can let the "USB serial driver" driver like this (with a yellow "!").
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