Faulty cable or dongle?

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Faulty cable or dongle?

Postby djnickburrett » 04 December 2011, 18:01


I've just setup Sweetlight for the very first time and I am using the cable interface. The Sweetlight dongle has a pulsating LED light and ControlBoard shows 1 universe found.

I have setup an American DJ 64B Led Pro Par Can in Sweetlight as a Megabar LED 6ch as I couldn't find the Par Can in the fixture library and I know both effects are 6ch.

I've enabled DMX in the scene creator and opened all 6 sliders but my light won't do anything. I know both the light and Sweetlight are set to the same DMX position.

My question is - how can I check that the DMX signal sent by Sweetlight is being received by the light, is there a way to tell if I have a faulty cable or dongle?
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Re: Faulty cable or dongle?

Postby support » 05 December 2011, 08:20

Please follow that: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=613
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