Multi Universe Order

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Multi Universe Order

Postby Nelsound » 13 May 2019, 00:11

After reading subject matter on the forum, it seems I have other issues that everybody else.

I just added my fifth universe, my laptops have only 2 or 3 usb ports but a 7 input usb hub handles them just fine.
The problem I am having is how to lock in the 5 ShowXpress boxes to its corresponding order. Every time I setup I have to
waste a bunch of time trying to get the boxes to control the universe that it belongs to. I numbered each box, cable,
and input and one would assume that plugging everything in the same place would be enough, but every time I fire things up,
it seems to assign the boxes randomly. One thing that does work is enabling one universe at a time, checking it, them move on
to the next. But then again this processes is adding unnecessary time when time is not usually a luxury.

Is there a way to predetermine the universe allocation?
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Re: Multi Universe Order

Postby support » 13 May 2019, 06:53

At power on, the Operating System creates a list of usb devices.
And our software asks the OS for this list.

This list is supposed to be always the same.
It is not normal that the OS changes it randomly.
We sugggest you to make some tests (with only two usb devices, with another usb hub), in order to find the cause that makes this list to change randomly.
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Re: Multi Universe Order

Postby thorehl » 17 July 2019, 08:04

Can confirm the same problem, as with 2 APC minis directly into computer. Doesn't matter if stationary or laptop. Should try to add som kind of hardware id
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