Loosing dmx signal

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Loosing dmx signal

Postby support » 05 January 2010, 14:13

If you experiment a similar story with interface Cable, D512 or Box:
I bought one of your BOX units about 2 years ago. It has worked great and has fill our every need. This past weekend we took it for a new show and had major problems. It worked great for the first 4-6 hours, then suddly it started making every light/dimmerpack in the series go crazy like it was loosing its dmx signal and regaining it at a fast rate. Just back and forth, making all the dimmer packs flash and all the scanners moving back and forth. I unpluged the dmx line for 5 minutes and pluged it back in. This fixed the problem, then 10 minutes later it started back again.

There is a good chance that there is a "ground loop" problem coming from your dmx line.
For more informations about "ground loop", please read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_loo ... tricity%29.
If this, happen you must disconnect the dmx line as soon as possible, because a strong "bad" current coming from the dmx line can burn your interface.
You can insert a dmx optical isolator to protect the interface, but keep in mind that the bad current is still present.
Of course, it is advised to identify the wrong fixture which causes this problem, and to remove it.

The interfaces Remote and Ssa can not have this problem, because they have an internal dmx optical isolator.
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