Message "Device descriptor problem"

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Message "Device descriptor problem"

Postby support » 07 February 2014, 19:08

The first PC motherboards with usb3.0 ports had some problems with usb3.0 management.
With these motherboards, you can meet the following problem:

The best thing to do is to upgrade the motherboard usb3.0 drivers, then you should have no more problems.

For those who are not able to do this upgrade, we propose a "special" driver (beta) for our interfaces, which works around this problem. To install it, you have to proceed like this:
1. open your software folder (something like "../YourSoftware/")
2. rename the file "efk_usb.dll" by "efk_usb_original.dll"
3. copy this file http://download.thelightingcontroller.c ... fk_usb.dll , in the software folder.
In other words, we ask you to rename the existing DLL file, and to use a new one.

PS: ... tor#p10829
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