The interface randomly disconnects

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The interface randomly disconnects

Postby support » 12 December 2011, 08:23

The dmx signal may stop for two reasons:

1 - the power from the usb line is too weak, and the interface makes a reset. When this happen, you have to close and restart the software to recover the usb communication. To check this, please try with a self powered usb hub between the computer and the interface.

2 - there is a ground loop coming from the usb line (this is the usual problem from users complaining about dmx signal drops). The easiest way to check this is to connect the interface to only one dmx fixture (with all other dmx fixtures switched off and their dmx line disconnected). If the dmx signal does not stop, there is certainely an electrical problem in the complete dmx line. Either you have to fix the electrical problem in the dmx line, or you can insert a DMX optical isolator* between the DMX interface and the lighting equipment. Please note that this problem is supposed to never happen with the interfaces having a built-in dmx optical isolation circuitry.

If #1 and 2# do not fix the problem, you interface might have a problem. So please return it to your retailer.

* ask your retailer to know where to find a "DMX optical isolator".
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