[Request] - Support for Multiple Colour Wheels in 3D View

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[Request] - Support for Multiple Colour Wheels in 3D View

Postby SeekLighting » 18 October 2017, 00:42

Hi Support,

I'd like to request the ability to see multiple colour wheels in 3D View. There are many fixtures (Clay Paky Mythos, Robe Spot 575XT, etc.) which have more than one colour wheel. I see you currently support two different gobo wheel channels, which can both display in 3D view, but currently only one colour wheel. When there is a fixture that has 2 colour wheels, only one will display in 3D view. Also, I find that in steps mode, both colour wheels are usually linked by default which isn't ideal. Is there a way to include support for multiple Colour Wheels in your 3D View overhaul for version 9? (also, support for viewing prism functions would also be handy!)


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Re: [Request] - Support for Multiple Colour Wheels in 3D Vie

Postby support » 18 October 2017, 09:20

We presently have no idea when we could improve that, but noted.
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