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20 May 2013 - version 6.333
- ControlBoard - button for menu access
- ControlBoard - updated "import/export" windows
- Editor - copy/paste multi-channels respects unselected channels
- Editor - mouse over channels highlites the fixture in 3DView
- Live - works with Live Mobile 2.33 (master faders)
- Live - scene button option "number of loops"

30 March 2013 - version 6.33
- English manual revised (for version 6.32)
- all -fine channel management (16bits) for channels RGBWA and dimmer
- Pixels - new effect "Picture Motion"
- Live - master faders
- Live - relooked buttons
- Live - second tab for pages/buttons
- Live - see the scene steps change made in Editor (must switch off/on the button)
- TimeLine - message when impossible to open a media file (asking for additional codecs)

08 January 2013 - version 6.32
- usb driver - auto install under Windows 8 (meets new Windows 8 enforced signature control)
- ControlBoard - shows correct lightshow's name after changing lightshow
- Generator - colorwheel for RGB fixtures
- Editor - context menu option "select all channels"
- 2DView - saves relative path for picture files, when stored in software folder
- Pixels - improved chaser effect (several points/bars, mirror, ping pong, ...)
- Pixels - Scrolltext effect - adjust letters spacing
- Live - option force "fade in" and/or "fade out" for buttons (exclusively for channels dimmer, RGBAW, CMY channels, strobe_dimmer, par_canxxx)
- Live - option "pause on last step" for buttons
- Live - option "Fader" for button ; fade from first to last step
- Live - dmx is on by default
- Live - relooked buttons
- Live - option "Open in Editor" for buttons

11 October 2012 - version 6.31
ControlBoard - possibility to enter a complete path for the project in "param.ini" (for advanced users only)
Setup - sometimes was saving under an empty name > fixed
Editor - function "Merge scene"
Editor - when IP communication is blocked (firewall), the DMX/3D buttons stay red
Generator - shows levels name/icon inside the "curve" screen
Generator - resizable
Pixels - Files > Properties > option "Always fade generated steps"
Pixels - "Create effect" is now via right click in "Effects" section
Pixels - only the selected effect is resizable
Pixels - all effects > adjustable "total duration"
Live - BPM synch and buttons trigger from software "Virtual DJ"
Live - when IP communication is blocked (firewall), the DMX/3D buttons stay red
Live - controllable by external applications via tcp ip messages
Live_Mobile - communication via "sockets"
Live_Mobile - multi "Live_Mobile" users to Live
Live_Mobile - one tab for special functions (auto bpm, manual bpm, freeze) and one tab for all pages
Live_Mobile - unlimited number of pages&buttons
Live_Mobile - pages slide facility
Live_Mobile - compatible with special characters (é, à, ...)

25 June 2012 - version 6.30
- Editor - flip pan/tilt
- Generator - flip pan/tilt
- Live - Macro remembers Presets settings
- Live - option "flash" for Macro and media buttons

22 May 2012 - version 6.30beta5
- ControlBoard - higher dmx frequency (better for LEDs) (not suitable for old Box & Ssa interfaces)
- ControlBoard - patch Midi (note/control/program change slider/wheel) to dmx outputs
- Setup - saves 2DView image in profile
- Setup - popup menu in "list of private fixtures" in "Fixtures setting"
- Setup - crash sometimes, after long period using icons windows, fixed
- Editor - color wheel works with CMY channels
- Editor - respects the transparent background of "level" icons
- Generator - was crashing if curve "default" is missing
- Pixels - bank of fixtures
- Pixels - quick "mouse addressing" in "Fixtures properties"
- Pixels - listview for effects, with select/edit and popup menu ability
- Pixels - dimmer & saturation adjustable curve in "File > Properties"
- Pixels - "white" lamps (non RGB) management
- Pixels - GIF files to pixels
- Pixels - smart auto addressing with copy/paste fixtures
- Pixels - live view in dmx outputs of changes in "Fixture properties"
- Live - MacOS - problem with trigger keyboard key "q" fixed
- Live - MacOS - problem to open "Move button" window fixed
- Live - MacOS - "Buttons#2" was losing focus after clicking on a button

27 January 2012 - version 6.30beta3
- Setup - ControlBoard exit closes correctly Setup when minimized
- Editor - "insert scene" enable "used" channels for all steps
- Editor - second hundredth step length can be "0" or "5"
- 2DView - possibility to change the image of a "not in 3DView" fixture
- Live - menu "Save" for Pages&Buttons setting
- Live - shortcut key "Shift+Space" for "Play/Pause" button
- Live - channel flickering with random/chase scenes playing fixed
- Live - "midi learn" ability
- Live - midi sliders (Control Change) to Presets
- Live - midi to "Pause", "Freeze" and "BPM" buttons
- Live - preset - click anywhere changes values
- 3DView - cyan/magenta/yellow without (other color wheel or RGB) is correctly showed

22 December 2011 - version 6.30beta2
- new driver V105 for interface Cable
- Windows 7 64bits - auto driver installation for all interfaces
- Windows 7 64bits - software installation in folder "Program files (x86)"
- Setup - name of EXE/APP file changed to "SetFix", because some OS refuse to run the name "Setup"

18 December 2011 - version 6.30beta1
- new program "Pixels" for RGB fixtures
- Windows - automatically sets the software/manual languages when available, at first software installation
- ControlBoard - relooked smaller screen
- ControlBoard - shows the saved dmx/bargraph frequency
- ControlBoard - new gadgets in Settings > languages tab
- Live - crash with preset under specific situation fixed
- Live - a page can now store more than 255 buttons

16 October 2011 - version 6.29
- all - manual German
- ControlBoard - identifies correctly new existing software versions
- Setup - "dmx addressing > duplicate" works in all universes
- Editor - "insert scene" function
- Live - more accurate dmx transitions
- 3DView - second color channel

25 August 2011 - version 6.28
- Setup - "dmx addressing > duplicate" adds "#1" to the fixture name when necessary
- Editor - channel faders move when mouse is over (without click)
- Editor - enter 0 in total duration give length 0,1 second of duration for each step
- Editor - can manage fixtures having up to 100 channels
- Editor - copy/paste a disabled channel does not affect the target channel
- 2DView - lasso selection bug
- Live - low res pictures into buttons
- 3DView - shows gobos over other fixtures
- Live_Mobile - password access
- Live_Mobile - flash buttons
- Live_Mobile - refresh actions made in Live (every 2sec)
- Live_Mobile - landscape display works

1 Juin 2011 - version 6.271
- ControlBoard - was loosing the midi device name, when more than one existing midi device
- Generator - takes care of reverse pan&tilt options
- Live - in the same page, an activated light scene will deactivate when a timeline is activated
- Live - "Page menu" button crashes the application, in certain cases
- 3DView - MacOS - crash with Fixture/Objects Settings sliders, in certain cases
- 3DView - MacOS - bank of shapes for fixtures was missing
- 3DView - better management of CMY channels

14 May 2011 - version 6.27 (with Smartphone application and slider for presets in Live)
- all - manual English & French updated to V6.26
- all - manual Spanish V6.26
- all - does not open any application in second monitor (avoid problem when second monitor is removed)
- all - MacOS - sometimes "ctrl + touch pad" was not correctly detected as right click
- ControlBoard - Settings - tab "lightshow" is in first position
- ControlBoard - refresh dmx input&output patch when changing lightshow
- Setup - force faders in Editor to output only existing levels
- Setup - "dmx addressing setting" bug fixed, when using more than one universe
- Editor - "Paste channels" works in "Groups" tab, and also in different universes
- Editor - non activated channels have grayed faders
- 2DView - can de-select one fixture within an entire selection
- Live - avoid "black" when random/chase playing from one scene to the next scene
- Live - avoid "channel flicker" when switching solo buttons
- Live - option "auto start" for buttons
- Live - sliders for presets
- Live - button to call menu for pages (instead of right mouse click over the combobox)
- Live - do not change current boards page selection, after adding a new page
- Live - button popup menu shows the name of the linked scene/media file
- Live - new icons "freeze" and "manual bpm"
- TimeLine - new tool "pause"
- 3DView - can select different fixtures shapes

27 January 2011 - Version 6.26 (with astronomical clock trigger & dmx output patch)
All - Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages for software
ControlBoard - Midi Time Code streaming was consuming processor time
ControlBoard - option "can start only application Live"
ControlBoard - re-organization of window "Settings" into different tabs
ControlBoard - sometimes was showing wrong software version #
ControlBoard - patch for dmx outputs
ControlBoard - Box&Ssa usb timing adapted to fast computers
ControlBoard - can "auto start" application Live
ControlBoard - upload data to interface problem with scene names having special characters
ControlBoard - popup message when there is a new version of the software
ControlBoard - fix data upload problem (for big files) with interface Remote (must also update firmware of interface Remote)
Setup - channels icons are organized in "Set channel info" window
Setup - function "Export dmx address list" in a TXT file
Editor - does not loose groups keys, from which fixtures have been removed in Setup
Editor - when a scene called "Default" is existing, the function "New Scene" creates a new scene with the settings of scene "Default"
Editor - can create new group from 2DView popup menu
Editor - in section Pan/Tilt, clicking over two same location points does not change the selected step
Live - Mac - <cmd enter/space> is now <ctrl enter/space> (to avoid conflicts with the OS)
Live - can change font size of buttons text
Live - astronomical clock triggering
Live & TimeLine - media files can be stored in lightshows (support import/export functions)
TimeLine - button "Freeze" is active and button "Pause" not
TimeLine - Mac - sometimes, "mouse click up" event was not correctly catched
TimeLine - possibility to add magnetic yellow markers (with <ctrl m>), when playing the timeline
3DView - option "Show backside" does not hide the gobo impacts of fixtures 2, 3, ...
3DView - show aditional white and amber channels with RGB
3DView - show channel "iris" levels "pulse_open" and "pulse_close"
3DView - show channel "shutter" levels "pulse_strobe" and "random_strobe"
ScreenControl - Mac - sometimes the sound file was played only during a few seconds

7 October 2010 - Version 6.25 (with lasso selection and BPM tool)
All - German and Dutch languages for software
All - Mac - any mouse click, anywhere in the application, gives the focus to the application
All - master software includes demo lightshows
ControlBoard - dmx input in stand-alone mode works
ControlBoard - dmx input priority mode "software" works
Setup - mouse click in white area of list boxes is inhibited
Editor - clicking on a pan/tilt point, in Pan/Tilt area, automatically changes the current step
Editor - bigger "step" display in 2DView area, in play mode
Editor - message "Press stop to exit from play mode" in 2DView area, in play mode
Editor - in Pan/Tilt tab, pan/tilt infos are grayed when "lock" is checked
Editor - in the RGB tab , the "color" cursor can not go over the colorwheel area
Editor - does not lose fixtures positions in 2DView, after changes in Setup
Editor - remembers de path after "Open" or "Save" action
Editor - <ctrl q> for quit
Editor - show full path (with sub-folder) of scene name, in window title bar
Editor - refresh pan/tilt display in real time, in play mode
Editor - "Grouped actions" option works in pan/tilt & rgb section
Editor - improved pan/tilt section display
Editor - transparent red mark over channels icons
Generator - no crash when no step is generated
Generator - fan slider shows "%" after the value
Generator - curve with a few points generate correct scenes
2DView - lasso for fixtures selection
Live - can trigger another timeline project with a button, when playing a project in TimeLine
Live - non alpha keys do not switch off the buttons
Live - space bar does not interact over focused button
Live - <ctrl + shift + key> for "old Macro" mode (one button only)
Live - tooltips for pause, freeze and beat
Live - tap BPM via <ctrl + space bar> (was <space bar> before, which gave conflict with TimeLine play/stop)
Live - mouse actions (click, right click for menus, ...) do not freeze temporarily the show
Live - BPM goes from 10 to 500 ; it must be validated with key <enter>
Live - the shortcut for function "freeze" is now <ctrl enter>
Live - background color of timeline&media&macro buttons follows the button color
Live - "no loop" & "flash" icons in buttons
Live - "solo" & "chase play" & "random play" icons in pages
Live - "Media property" feature (like in TimeLine)
Live - can change the manual BPM in the Media property window
Live - button menu option "Change file" to change the file of a button by another file, keeping its properties
Live - remembers the path after "Open" or "Save" action
Live - "mouse button up" action triggers the button only if the mouse cursor stays over the button
Live - option to mark the "already played" buttons
Live - Windows - escape key in "Page/Button name edition" does not create an empty page/button
Live - "page chase/random play" works with timeline projects.
Live - no crash when trying to remove the last remaining page
TimeLine - tooltips for buttons play, stop, ...
TimeLine - can drop an event at the very end of the timeline
TimeLine - can change the manual BPM in the Media property window
TimeLine - shows the right section (with BPM, DMX, 3D, ... options)
TimeLine - tool BPM
TimeLine - change the file of an event by another file, keeping its properties
Timeline - add more than one scene/media file, in one action
Timeline - lasso for events selection
TimeLine - no crash when trying to paste an empty clipboard
3DView - shows selected fixtures from Editor and can select fixtures for Editor

17 August 2010 - Version 6.24 (with copy/paste section in TimeLine)
ControlBoard Mac - scenes downloading problem fixed
ControlBoard - Settings - button to open the lightshows folder
Setup - new "non led" parcan icons showing beam color
Setup - was generating sometimes corrupted dmx addressing files, with more than one universe
Editor - <ctrl c&v> in text box entry does not affect channels
Editor Mac - handles right mouse click emulation with <ctrl + click>
Editor Mac - natif "About" menu
Editor - show channel (with white rectangle) when mouse is over
2DView - display first first letters of fixture without attached picture
2DView - "remove background" option
2DView - highlite fixture on mouveover
2DView - "one click" fixture selection
2DView - change picture of all fixtures from a selection
2DView - new organisation of popup menu
2DView - "show grid" and "snap to grid" options
2DView - hidden fixtures are semi transparent with "show hidden fixtures" option
Live - "no loop" scenes playing was playing accidently the first step, at the end of the scene playing
Live - better management of memory with steps (no more limit of 512)
Live - "update Macro button" option
Live Mac - native "About" & "Preferences" menus
TimeLine - "loop" option was randomly checked (or not) with new imported light scenes
TimeLine - Windows - real time scrolling
TimeLine - blending of "TimeLine" and "Event" popup menus
TimeLine - "Lock Events" option
TimeLine - cut/copy/paste/move/MoveTo of multi-selection (ctrl/shift mouse click)
TimeLine - play midi files as audio event
TimeLine - keyboard shortcuts
-- <ctrl x> -> cut
-- <ctrl c> -> copy
-- <ctrl v> -> paste
-- <ctrl n> -> new
-- <ctrl o> -> open
-- <ctrl s> -> save
-- <ctrl shift s> -> save as ..
TimeLine - reads properly scenes stored in subfolders

25 July 2010 - Version 6.23 (with Macro buttons in Live)
Editor - keep up/down fader's arrow pressed scrolls up/down the fader's knob
Editor - display part of channel name when no icon available
Editor - "new scene" action does not remove the selected group
Editor - all steps functions in popup menu
Editor - new buttons "move step up/down"
Editor - "paste step" replaces the current step (no step insert)
Editor - faders work with multi RGB fixtures
Editor - keyboard shortcuts
-- <ctrl -> -> delete step
-- <ctrl c> -> copy step
-- <ctrl v> -> paste memorized step
-- <ctrl i> -> insert step
-- <ctrl +> -> add step
2DView - option "invert selection" and "select none"
2DView - keyboard shortcuts
-- <ctrl a> -> select all
-- <ctrl e> -> select even
-- <ctrl o> -> select odd
Generator - lock pan&tilt options
Generator - works with multi RGB fixtures
Live - button "Macro" (to trigger several buttons with one single "Macro" button)
3DView - "Custom texture" load option in "Stage Setting" (saved in the lightshow)

29 June 2010 - Version 6.22 (with midi&dmx inputs management)
All - midi input management
All - dmx input management (when available on interface)
All - driver are Digitally Signed (no required patch under Windows 7 64bits)
All - only ControlBoard stays in root folder (avoid confusion for main application under MacOS)
All - unicode characters (Chinese) are correctly displayed into the bitmaps
All - same title bar size for child windows
All - button "Validate" in child window when possible
ControlBoard - MacOS - does not see interfaces Box and Cable (they are not ok for MacOS)
ControlBoard - MacOS - works with MacOS quit menu
ControlBoard - must confirm to quit application
ControlBoard - with some computers the lights were making one flicker after computer cpu is 100% busy (after minimizing/maximizing a Window for instance)
ControlBoard - the 30 last dmx values (from 482 to 512) are correct
Setup - MacOS - works with MacOS quit menu
Editor - Edit/Save existing groups
Editor - "set fade state" works on Pan/Tilt/uPan/uTilt together
Editor - "disable channel" & "set fade/value" works on whole group
Editor - channels horizontal scrolling works better
Editor - "edit group" option
Editor - "update fixtures in group" option
Generator - can fan groups having more than 10 fixtures (fan step is 0,1)
Generator - name of loaded project displayed in title bar
2DView - can switch straight from "odd" selection to "even" selection
2DView - odd and even not reversed
Live - "auto BPM" ajustable from 1/1 to 1/8 for each scene
Live - manual bpm tap requires 3 taps
Live - better looking and faster response
Live - auto bpm (Windows only)
Live Buttons - "cancel" action in "change color" window does keeps previous button's color
Live Buttons - pages are classified in alphabetical order (option "move page" has been removed)
Live Buttons - second "child" window for Buttons
Live Buttons - "old style V5" Macro (with key ctrl)
Live Buttons - remember number of boards and selected pages
Live Buttons - 8 boards on screen
Live Buttons - button "validate" to save changes
Live Buttons - keyboard shortcuts
-- enter -> freeze
-- space bar -> manual bpm
Live TimeLine - keyboard shortcuts
-- left/right -> move green marker
-- shift + left/right -> move red marker
-- enter -> play from red marker
-- space bar -> play/pause
-- page up/down -> move horizontal scrolling
-- home/end -> move to "time 0"/last block
-- +/- -> zoom in/out
Live TimeLine - "play from red marker" read always correctly the next media file
Live TimeLine & ScreenControl - MacOS - calculated length of MP3 files is correct
3DView - accepts unicode fixture names (Chinese)
3DView - MacOS - key "enter" does not generate space char in edit box
3DView - MacOS - key "tab" valid edit box
3DView - In Fixture/Object Settings, the color faders go up to 254 instead of 255
3DView - clone fixtures of more than one channel are responding correctly
3DView - in specific cases, some levels like "closed" were affecting the next fixture

29 April 2010 - version 6.20 (includes Timeline)
All - the light scenes can be indexed in sub-folders (Live supports sub-folders)
All - "pure" colors (red, blue yellow, ...) are nows listed in the file "../icons/colors.ini
All - MacOS - save function proposes now the right folder by default
ControlBoard - becomes unique server for all applications (IP and ports) (except ScreenControl)
ControlBoard - shows name of current light show in title bar
Setup - auto refresh with groups changes from Editor
Setup - 'edit level name' & 'add level' crash after changing channel fixed
Setup - problem of saving current fixture when selecting another fixture
Setup - problem when selecting "parcan" in section 3DView
Setup - keyboard shortcuts
-- crtl/apple n, i, s : file -> new, import, save
-- crtl/apple + a : select all dmx addressing
-- crtl/apple + shift + a : select all dmx addressing from same model
-- esc : exit and close child window without saving
-- tab : control entered min&max level values and change gadget focus (Windows only)
Editor - real popup menu for channel buttons (was listbox before)
Editor - dynamic width of groups list box
Editor - channel name tooltip with mouse over channel icon
Editor - possibility to select (red mark) more than 256 channels
Editor - improved listbox of groups with popup menu
Editor - "grouped/non grouped action" function in tab "Group"
Editor - correct screen refresh with snap transtions, in "play" mode
Editor - in tab "All channels", in a multi channels selection (red mark), one slider moves the whole selection
Editor - "file -> delete" function
Editor - shows the selected group (with keyboard), in the list of groups
Editor - auto refresh the channels after a change in Setup
Editor - shows name of current scene in title bar
Editor - "change total duration of scene" feature
Editor - keyboard shortcuts
-- crtl/apple n, i, s : file -> new, import, save
-- space bar : play/stop
Generator - can mange a group of "single channel" fixtures
Generator - "project -> delete" and "curve -> delete" function
Generator - "curve -> move" and "curve -> size" are in one single menu
Generator - shows name of current project in title bar
2DView - unknown shape fixtures are correctly shown with "?"
2DView - background picture is now saved in home_directory, under the name "background.jpg"
2DView - auto refresh the background export from 3DView
2DView - size of fixtures icons is correctly saved
2DView - tooltips for fixtures
2DView - keyboard shortcuts
-- ctrl/apple + a : select all fixtures from same type of current selection
Live - can give a name of a button different than the scene file name (two same names are not allowed)
Live - chase/random page play bug fixed
Live - non flash buttons start at "mouse up" event, instead of "mouse down" event
Live - a keyboard shortcut can trigger a flash button
Live - a keyboard shortcut can trigger more than one button
TimeLine - is included as a tab into Live
3DView - multi-selection of objects/fixtures for positionning works
3DView - auto refresh fixtures changes in Setup
3DView - MacOS - shows the selected object in windows "Object settings"
3DView - status bar which shows FPS (Frame Per Second) and # of faces (stage file size)
3DView - icons for popup menus
3DView - clone fixtures respond
ScreenControl - crtl/apple + f -> full screen
interface Cable - channels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... were driving dmx outputs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... - fixed

19 January 2010 - version 6.01
nothing new - just includes the fix of version 6.00

24 December 2009 - version 6.00
first version available for Windows and MacOS
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